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Truth Will Out Radio: Blessed Are the Truth Speakers – TWOR 040717


Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt stand in for Dennis Wise this week as his computer has broken down and he is awaiting a new replacement. The conversation starts with a reminder to write to our political prisoners, particularly Lawrence Burns and Schmitt reminds us that all prisoners being persecuted for telling the truth are being persecuted for Christ, no matter what their professed religion.

Today we saw another terrorist truck attack in Sweden, with more dead and maimed White people, just weeks since the last atrocity in London. After each one of these attacks there will be a multi-faith memorial service where our political leaders all stand in unity with the religion that has members who call for this to be done to us, while they claim that ISIS are only doing it because they hate our values of tolerance and diversity. Yet it is only because we have diverse cities that they are able to carry out these terrorist attacks. ISIS love diversity, you will not see any Islamic terrorism in Iceland as there are not enough Moslems there yet. If you think the terrorism is bad in Europe now, just wait until they are a majority like they are in Pakistan and elsewhere, where hundreds are murdered every week in the name of Allah.

The hypocritical politicians of Wales are calling for the whole country to be turned into a refugee sanctuary, despite an overwhelming rejection of immigration in the polls and at Brexit. Just what will it take to wake our politicians up? Schmitt thinks they are uniquely evil, but there must be some who still have some integrity. Millennial Woes has pointed out how some liberal commentators are now being forced to compromise on their core beliefs and policies such as guns for police and suspension of privacy, just so they can continue lying to themselves that diversity works. Yet all they have to do to see the difference between a multicultural community and a White one is to either go to a country village in western Europe or a capital city in the east, where the whole community are still connected to one another through race. The difference between the two is phenomenal and is the same, whether in the city or in a rural setting.

After discussing how our communities could be and what they were once like, Sven and Schmitt talk about how even our language is now being dragged down into the gutter, to conform to the lowest IQ’s ability to understand it. Children are being encouraged to listen to ghetto rap in Switzerland and the German media mocks Christianity at every chance it gets. We need to recover our respect for our ancestors and our religion if we want to have a hope of saving our people.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Blessed Are the Truth Speakers – TWOR 040717


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