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Truth Will Out Radio: The Miracle of Dunkirk – TWOR 041417


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise co-host a new episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at the miracle of Dunkirk and the persecution of revisionist Horst Mahler, who at 81 years old has just been recalled to prison to serve the final 3 years of his sentence for speaking the truth about the war. He was given a total of 12 years for his speech crime but due to his diverse chronic diseases and the lack of medical care inside, he had to be released so that his leg could be amputated. Instead of then being given a chance to recover from his operation in his own home, he has effectively been given a death sentence by being recalled to prison in that state.

Perhaps with Ken Livingstone also being in the news for speaking inconvenient truths about the war, we could link his case with Mahler’s? Pointing out how if Livingstone thinks it is bad being suspended from the Labour Party then what about being sentenced to 12 years, losing your leg and then being condemned to die inside from lack of medical care? In a supposedly civilised country in Europe?

After discussing Livingstone and Mahler, the conversation moves to Hitler showing mercy to the British troops at Dunkirk. This act should have meant the British accepted defeat and made an offer of peace, but instead the black-hearted traitor Churchill ignored all previous precedent in Aryan wars and continued to fight against Germany. When you are at your enemy’s mercy, you either fall on your sword or you accept slavery, but Churchill did the unthinkable and continued trying to kill the man who had just bestowed life and freedom upon the flower of the British nation.

As well as covering revisionism and Dunkirk, Dennis also gives us his thoughts on Trump’s about-turn in his Middle East policy. We would have seen the same behaviour if Hillary had won, but at least with Trump we have seen some positive changes happen within America. That is probably the best we can hope for now, as his foreign policy seems intent on causing war not just with Syria, but with Russia and North Korea too. We should be thankful for small mercies though and he did withdraw funding for abortions today and prototypes for the wall start in San Diego at the end of the month.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Miracle of Dunkirk – TWOR 041417


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