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The Orthodox Nationalist: Arthur and the Legend of the Sword – TON 053117


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a new episode of The Orthodox Nationalist inspired by the film Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.

The movie itself has no historical merit. It is a parody. However, it has tremendous ideological and esoteric merit.

As E Michael Jones argued in Monsters from the Id, the Regime will not face the results of its policies directly. It represses them and this repression ends up forcing reality to take a monstrous form. It is the origin of horror.

Nothing is ever really repressed, it is only delayed. In the meantime, the ideas leak out of the body into consciousness as distorted images. In this case, the movie Arthur is one of those manifestations. Amidst historical illiteracy, the ideological backdrop of the film is intensely profound.

Those who possess the truth (the sword) will live lives of endless pain. They will be hunted and their families often abandoned. Some will be killed. However, in the end, the ruling Regime, based only on fear and magic, will rapidly fall apart.

In March, the final banking institutions for the "dumping of the dollar" were erected. It was the most significant event of the year. We know this in part because no one is talking about it. Driving down the demand for dollars will destroy what is left of the already devalued dollar. The modern economy is finished. Russia and China are moving to the Yuan as the main currency for commodity sales.

The American response to this has to be war. It has few other weapons. It’s spoiled and overpaid mid-level officer corps will have to leave their McMansions and go against a well trained force that is NOT fighting for purely mercenary motives.

The Americans will lose.

The Orthodox church is heavily invested in the Russian banking system now that the most corrupt banks have been shut down. A quiet National Socialist revolution is taking place and again, no one is talking about it. Liberal imperialism is finished.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Arthur and the Legend of the Sword – TON 053117


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