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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Symphony of Powers II – TON 052417


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents his second podcast dealing with the Russian Orthodox "symphony." Often, when an Orthodox man tries to sound erudite and exotic at a cocktail party, he'll speak of "symphonia" as the unity of state and church in their respective spheres of influence. This is fine as far as it goes, but the assumption is that "church" and "state" are understood properly.
In a debased west, nominalism dictates that the "church" can be nothing other than the current group of people running it. Thus, if they are bad, then the "church" must be so too.

Then, at the same cocktail party, the Orthodox man will proceed to drop the term "caeseropapism." Even more exotic than "symphonia," this conception assumes that the person of the emperor, the empire and the office of emperor are all the same. Again, nominalism can only see the first of those three, the rest cannot exist.

Beyond the pretence, what is being discussed here is the very foundation of law. "Law" is not a penal code that has you sentenced as part of an administrative machine. Rather, "law" is the expression of the cosmic harmony that God has created. It is the expression, the state of justice that follows from it and the mentality of those who accept it. All three are, at their root, identical. Modernism is nominalism: the belief that there is no inherent meaning or purpose in the world. It is music to the ears of industry that soon provides that meaning and purpose. It is music to the ears of the ruling class that provides the coercion to protect the industrialists. Finally, it is music to the ears of the media (broadly speaking) that takes the place of the emperor and monastery and invents it’s own world, complete with meaning, fashion and debt.

The doctrine of "symphonia" is the foundation of what it is to be human. The things of God are parallel to the things of man. The latter chooses to cooperate with the former. If the balance is upset, one of three things can happen: man is swallowed in God, negating human freedom and mocking the person. Second, separating God and man entirely to the extent that there can be no connection between them, the doctrine of John Romanides of Sorry Memory and finally, man creates god in his own image, in accordance with his desires.

The first means that human freedom is an illusion, the second means that there is no divine truth accessible to us and the third is that god is absorbed into man.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Symphony of Powers II – TON 052417


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