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Truth Will Out Radio: Asylum in Hungary – TWOR 051917


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise start this week’s episode of Truth Will Out Radio with an update on the revisionist historian Horst Mahler, who is seeking asylum in Hungary. Mahler has had to have his leg amputated due to prison conditions in Germany and as he is 81 years old, being recalled to prison in that country would be the equivalent of a death sentence. He has asked for Viktor Orban personally to give him asylum, but Orban has so far been no help at all and the courts have said that Hungary has to abide by extradition treaties with the rest of the EU, since it is a member of the EU. However there is still a chance that he could remain in Hungary, as the German extradition warrant has inaccuracies in it and they have been given 40 days to correct these if they want their citizen to be returned.

This case is just a continuation of the same policies that have been in place since the end of the war, that started with chasing down those who fought in that war and now chase down those who continue to try and establish the truth of that war. There was a time when the whole point of a trial was to get to the truth of a matter, whether or not there was an intention to harm, defraud or steal from someone. Since the precedent was established at Nuremberg that the truth is whatever the man with the biggest stick says it is regardless of fact, our whole legal system has been turned into a supranational force to coerce people into keeping silent about obvious but politically incorrect facts. An international court has no jurisdiction anyway, it has no divine sanction and no customs, traditions or common law and relies on force rather than authorisation from the will of it’s people, as it has no people of it’s own by definition.

Dennis and Sven discuss these concepts and where they lead to, how black now means white and two and two equal five and come to the conclusion that this is the result of following the precepts of the kabbalah instead of the commandments of God. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Asylum in Hungary – TWOR 051917


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