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The Orthodox Nationalist: Putin – TON 062817


This lecture from Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson continues the argument begun in Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin. It continues to update Putin's policy in light of the basic principles that were laid out in the book.

To think at this stage that Putin is a tool of the Zionists, points to a stupidity or insanity that requires immediate medical attention. People hold to this silliness because they cannot believe that a real leader exists. Putin is not perfect. He is not a racialist in any way. But he is, by far, the best warrior against the New World Order that Europe has created. He is a nationalist and an Orthodox believer. Western leaders look on him with envy. The latest Pew Research poll shows his approval rating at 87%.

Putin has expressed his disbelief at the nonsense that American journalists and academics accept as fact. Assad using poison gas as he's winning the war; the Russian hacking story; that Putin himself will kill his opponents with an almost 90% approval rating. Oligarchy breeds insanity; it is an intellectual AIDS.

Putin looks on in disbelief as migrants by the hundreds of thousands are welcomed into Europe with full knowledge that they will destroy the societies that host them. They will threaten and even kill those that refuse to go along. This is the spiritual results of nominalism and liberalism.

If there is one slogan that summarizes Putin's political belief it is: "Oligarchy Breeds Terror."

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Putin – TON 062817


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