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Truth Will Out Radio: Beyond Good and Evil – TWOR 060217


Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks once again to discuss his latest research for The Secret Freemasonic Victory of WW2. This week he has been unable to finish episode 3, so the discussion centres around some of the main subjects that will be in it. In order to show the changes that have happened to Christianity since the war, Dennis found an interview with a nun from 1993 talking about the blasphemies that she has seen happen since then. At the time she was talking, the worst she had seen was Jesus on the cross changed into a woman, but since then we have seen crucifixes in urine, the virgin Mary painted in cow dung or worse and we regularly now see Black versions of Christ.

All this degeneracy comes from turning the natural order on it’s head and thinking that man can be his own God. This is the temptation that was placed before Eve in the garden and it finds it’s expression today in the drive towards equality and humanism, that makes people’s feelings more important than reality. The idea that we can judge what is moral and good without paying attention to what our ancestors saw as divine law, leads to thinking that there is no good or evil.

This push towards getting rid of the opposites is why we have the promotion of trans-sexuals, anti-racism, no borders and all the rest of the modern day madness. It all comes from the kabbalah and gnosticism and it finds it’s way into our culture through the secret societies.

Luciferianism is the idea that man can be his own God and the whole of our society is now based on this concept. Anti-discrimination means not seeing any difference between good and evil and this is a central part of the occult understanding. The difference between the practitioners of Luciferianism and the general public, is that the Luciferians know that this is what they are doing. The general public just thinks they are being good by not seeing any difference between races, genders or borders.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Beyond Good and Evil – TWOR 060217


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