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Truth Will Out Radio: Stalin’s Diversity Agenda – TWOR 061617


Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks once again for an episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at the newly released third instalment of Dennis’ new documentary series and the recent election in Britain.

Dennis wanted to show how evil Communism really was in the new video and how the Allies knew of the atrocities that were going on yet said nothing and covered them up instead. Ten million White Europeans were starved during the Holodomor in Ukraine, yet while this was going on a Jewish reporter for the New York Times was being given awards for lying about it and saying there was no famine. After starving the people into submission, Stalin then shipped waves of Russian immigrants in there to replace the dead Kievans and made Nationalism a capital crime.

This should serve as a warning against diversity today as both the Russians and the Ukrainians were White brothers, but even now 70 years later there is still war between them. How much worse will it end up being in multicultural countries, where you have different races forced to live among one another?

Whether it is the USSR, the EU or even the climate change agreement, it is all about supranational alliances governed by international capital. The politicians are all puppets and we are taught to mock genuine men of the people who inspire devotion for what they have done, such as Assad, Hitler or Gadaffi. We are taught to laugh at people for idolising their leaders, but if they have done amazing things like put a roof over everyone’s heads, or given everyone a job then they deserve this adulation.

The recent election in Britain looked like it had been deliberately thrown by May in order to get rid of the conservative mandate and force through a soft Brexit, but thanks to the DUP this may not now happen after all. They are insisting on leaving the customs union and leaving the single market, so providing Mrs May doesn’t collapse after all the terrorism and burning buildings, we may still see Britain free of the EU and with a big reduction in immigration.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Stalin’s Diversity Agenda – TWOR 061617


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