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Aryan Narrations: Thoughts on the History of Britain Series – HOB 081017


This is something of a finishing chapter to the past series of narrations, expanding on some of the characters we have heard about and discussing what supporting evidence there is for the events described. We will also look at ways that the book contradicts our modern day ideas about what our ancestors were like and how they behaved toward one another. There was a sense of kinship with some White nations but not with others, for instance. The British women would marry Romans, but would not marry the Spanish or Africans, even though they were White.

The talk of exterminating other nations in the book is reminiscent of the Old Testament and disproves the idea that White people would never behave like that. The implication of human sacrifice concerning Merlin is also echoed in Greek myths and in the Old Testament.

Like the Brut, Geoffrey’s book dates itself by what was happening in the Holy land at the time, proving that communication lines existed between the two countries. This shouldn’t be surprising, as Britain was the source of all the old world’s tin and it has even been found as far away as India.

The book was accepted as the history of Britain for hundreds of years and although some of it is fanciful, most of it is probably based upon truth.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Thoughts on the History of Britain Series – HOB 081017


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