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Aryan Narrations: William Barnes on England and Englishness II – AN 081817


In the second Narration taken from ‘The Rebirth of England and Englishness – The Vision of William Barnes’ we take a look at how he used his vast linguistic knowledge to recreate Anglo-Saxon words for things which had been given Latin or Norman sounding ones. The words Barnes used were all much easier to understand than the ones we use today, words like ‘wheelsaddle’ instead of ‘Bicycle’ make a lot more sense and also sound a lot more English.

It is also possible to use the guidelines he established to create more authentic words for things which exist today, like ‘airfleet’ for ‘air force’ and ‘bookhoarder’ for ‘librarian’. With the colonising of America the English language partly returned to Anglo-Saxon in some cases, with words like ‘sidewalk’ ‘mindset’ ‘walkman’ and ‘watchman’.

Barnes believed that the Dorset dialect was the closest you could get to the authentic English language from the time of Alfred the Great, yet it is still possible to understand his language today a thousand years later and even if you aren’t from Dorset.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: William Barnes on England and Englishness II – AN 081817


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