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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Revolutionary Jewish Roots of Antifa – TON 082317


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson begins to link Antifa to the Jewish "revolutionary" movements throughout history for this week’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist.

This time, he uses the work of the former revolutionary communist Lev Tikhomirov, almost entirely unknown in English. Dying in 1923, Tikhomirov left the revolutionaries after the murder of Alexander II and exposed the esoteric core of revolutionary Jewish politics.

The Antifa of pre-revolutionary Russia was the terror organization the “People's Will” (Народная воля), the group who murdered tsar Alexander II in 1881. Its membership was almost entirely Jewish, and included members Vera Figner (its leader), Gesia Gelfman, Lyudmila Volkenstein, Pavel Axelrod, Mikhail Ashenbrenner, Lev Sternberg (Chaim Leiba), and Alexander Shtromberg. In fact, “Narodnaya Volya” could be called a Jewish ethnic movement without distortion or exaggeration.

Of course, there is a reason why Tikhomirov is invisible to the modern scholar of Russian history. Tikhomirov spoke of the Jewish, ultra-elite membership of the group, the curious nonexistence of law enforcement, and their ability to travel abroad with no problem. Awash in foreign funds, the most violent of terror cells was romanticized by both the Russian press of the day and the corrupt academic elite in America.

As a member of the “People's Will,” Tikhomirov was arrested and imprisoned in 1873 for his activities. In 1888, while in a very comfortable Swiss exile, he wrote “Why I am No Longer a Revolutionary” which marked his move to royalism and Orthodoxy. After the senseless murder of tsar Alexander, the nature of the “revolutionaries” was made clear.

Dr Johnson has dealt with Tikhomirov before on this show many years ago, but this is a very different treatment of his thought. The Jewish esoteric nature of the Left needs to be known in some detail before the likes of Antifa can be fully understood.

The article on the subject can be found here.

The previous radio broadcast on him from 2011 can be found here.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Revolutionary Jewish Roots of Antifa – TON 082317


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