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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Slavophiles – TON 083017


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson goes back to basics this week with an episode dedicated to the Slavophiles.

Slavophilism is the essence of the Russian Orthodox Church and the mission of Holy Russia in general. It is centred on integration: the gathering of all forces under a single principle. This goes for the person as well as the society.

Slavophilism is a 19th century Russian movement dedicated to halting the acidic corrosion of western liberalism in Russian society at the time. It stresses the concept of self rule. Freedom is not autonomy. Autonomy is needed before there can be freedom -- control over the passions and instinctive drives is the very purpose of reason. This becomes an issue when one is forced to live life in a society dedicated to provoking the passions for financial gain. They warned that Russia would be bled dry by the western capitalists using this ideology. Freedom is the battle cry of those who seek to enslave you to the passions -- for a fee.

Back in 2001, Dr Johnson wrote this:
"By ethnicity I mean a body of tradition centred on a shared language, a shared universe of meaning. Ethnicity is solely a product of history; the struggle for survival, and nearly all traditional ethnic institutions have been formed for the sake of protection, security and the basic issues of survival. 
Appeals to tradition make little sense unless this universe of shared meaning exists. Language is shaped by historical experience and this complex of experience and language are vital ingredients for tradition to function."
This is what Nationalism is. It is not the state, its not about power. Autonomy is impossible without the nation since social action requires a functioning society. That these simple truths need to be argued today shows how far the west has fallen.

The Slavophiles defined "the west" as modern, liberal capitalism. Its roots are deep, but the essence is that power cannot be separated from authority. Authority is through knowledge of the language of the people. Truth can be found only when the inner drives and self-interest have been silenced. Reason is not rationalization.

Russia will cease to exist if she continually sees the decadent west as a model. This was the battle cry of the Slavophile movement. Of course they were correct. The modern west corrodes the foundation of national life, promotes egotism and cosmopolitanism as virtues, then points to the decayed wreck that is their creation and says "see, I told you nations don't exist!."

A previous podcast by Dr Johnson on the Slavophiles can be found here.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Slavophiles – TON 083017


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