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Truth Will Out Radio: Ernst Zundel Revisionist Martyr – TWOR 081117

Ernst Zundel RIP

Sven Longshanks is joined by Dennis Wise for a new episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week paying tribute to the revisionist martyr Ernst Zundel who sadly passed away of a heart attack recently. Ernst Zundel did more than anyone else to put doubt in people’s minds about the gas chamber horror story. The Canadian authorities were so certain that their eye witnesses were going to make a fool of him in court, that they encouraged news footage of the trial all over the world. Once it was realised that the eye-witness testimony was actually a pack of lies though, they soon tried to hush the trial up and started removing news reports of it. Despite Ernst being found guilty of spreading fake news, the result of the trial was best selling books on the having to be re-written and the plaque at Auschwitz having to be changed.

Ernst was exonerated on appeal as the charge was found to be unconstitutional, so his enemies then broke all international laws and kidnapped the man in America, jailed him in solitary confinement in Canada and then flew him off to Germany to be imprisoned for five years, despite him never having committed a crime in Canada or America and never having set foot in Germany for 40 years. His wife was unable to visit him in jail or she would have been arrested too, but once he was released he was able to meet up with her in Mexico and he did get to see Dennis’ documentary Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story NEVER Told.

After discussing the influence Zundel had on nationalism and revisionism, the two hosts answer some questions on the formation of Texas as a state and the importance of it’s choice of a five pointed star for a flag. Also talked about is the role of Positive Christianity in Germany and finally, Dennis gives us his views on Putin.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Ernst Zundel Revisionist Martyr – TWOR 081117


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