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Albion Narrations: The Coming of the King of the Britons I – AN 092117


The first of a new series of narrations taken from a novel written by a listener who was inspired by Geoffrey of Monmouth’s The History of the Kings of Britain.

The story begins with the death of an old man who has kept his children hidden away from the modern world infested with diversity and multiculturalism. He leaves a letter for his sons explaining why he hid them away and what lies in wait for them in cosmopolitan Britain. He explains how we got to where we are and introduces the main enemy of the country as goblins, who have occupied the country.

He tasks his sons with fighting to free the country and they then leave the family home to discover what condition the isle of Albion has been left in by the goblins.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: The Coming of the King of the Britons I – AN 092117


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