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The Orthodox Nationalist: Archbishop Averky and the Antichrist – TON 091317


Archbishop Averky (Taushev) died in 1976. His life led him from old Russia to New York state. He was the "conscience" of the "White Russian Exiles." He was head of the seminary in Jordanville, NY and was one of the most firm traditionalists in church history.

One of his essential points was about Truth. The term should be understood as the opposite of "fantasy." A fantasy is an image your passions conjure to drive you to seek something irrationally. You seek loads of money because you have an image of what life will be like with it. Trouble is, it is never what you think.

The Antichrist will rule by use of these images. He writes:
"Antichrist will reveal before mankind a shameful display of striking miracles similar to the cunning presentation of the theater… he will instill fear by the terrors and wonders of his miracles, and by them satisfy vanity and human pride, he will satisfy carnal sophistry and superstition, and will confuse human learning: all men who are guided by the light of their fallen nature and who are foreign to guidance by the Light of God will be attracted to obey the deceiver.”
The struggle we have in this world is summarized in this quote. It is the "society of the spectacle." It will be "rule by fantasy."

But what about his opponents?
"their small number will seem insignificant before all mankind, and their opinion will be thought especially feeble, subject to general contempt, hatred slander, and oppression; violent death will be their lot.”
"Antichrist" is defined as that which exists in place of Christ, or an artificial image that is set in front of us in place of the world. Today, we're ruled by screens using images that are easily generated by technological systems that exist entirely to create a fake world.
"Similarly, we can have no confidence in those representatives of the Orthodox church hierarchy who under the fair-seeming excuse of this same notorious "peace" and "unity" enter into institutions and organizations which are hostile with regard to true Christianity –Orthodoxy; or who at any rate have close friendly communion with them.  We decisively reject every appearance of the spirit of "living-churchmanship" or "renovationism", in whatever form this harmful spirit may appear.  We can have nothing in common with the "eastern rite" or with "ecumenism", nor with any secret society or organization, with whatever high-sounding phrases they might cover themselves.  We must know and remember that, according to the prophecy of a whole row of Holy Fathers, who wrote about the last times, the Antichrist will appear in the form of a very great benefactor and well-wisher of humanity, for how else could he draw people to his side?"
Archbishop Averky warned the Orthodox world what was coming. He also gave us a means of weathering the storm.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Archbishop Averky and the Antichrist – TON 091317


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