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Truth Will Out Radio: A Modern Day Shoah Trial – TWOR 090117


Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for another episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at the recent show trial of a supposed ‘death camp’ attendant which highlights everything that is wrong with our judicial system today.

Hubert Zafke was charged with over 3,000 murders, with admittedly no evidence whatsoever, after already being jailed straight after the war for taking part in it. On top of this double jeopardy he was diagnosed with dementia back in 2015, a full year before the repeat court case even started. What kind of legal system allows a man with dementia to be tried for a crime twice and then expects him to defend himself against accusations backed up by no evidence and no witnesses?

The case has now been thrown out of court much to organised Jewrie's disgust, but the news media are still calling him a murderer, even though he was never found guilty of the alleged crimes. The new guidelines for trying elderly Germans are that if there is an allegation that they worked in a camp during the war, then they are automatically guilty of murdering thousands of Jews. This is now the only official evidence required to show guilt and there is not even a pretence that these cases are about getting to the truth of a matter to prove innocence or guilt. 

Sven and Dennis go through the story detailing the persecution of this brave German medic and use it to demonstrate how our legal system is no longer about truth and justice. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: A Modern Day Shoah Trial – TWOR 090117


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