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Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 2 – TWOR 092917


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present part 2 of ‘Why the Alt-Right needs National Socialism’ for this week’s episode of Truth Will Out Radio and they start by addressing a comment about Jews pretending to be White. This would not be able to happen under the stated NS principles, as only those of White ethnicity could be citizens and would be allowed to have any say in how the country was run.

Another comment was about the state owning national resources such as oil, that had been found on private land. The National Socialists were very keen to compensate people for anything that was taken from them, even Jews guilty of crimes were given full pensions when they were removed from their posts and the market price was paid for lands that were returned to the farming families.

Points 13 to 18 of the 25 Point Programme are covered this week, looking at a percentage of profits to be taken from industries instead of tax, decent welfare for the elderly and how that would translate to looking after the disabled and elderly today, with welfare administered by the government and not private companies trying to make a profit from the vulnerable.

Also looked at is usury and the call for capital punishment for usurers and traitors to the nation who profited from it’s losses during the war. This shows how strongly they felt about corruption and would be a good incentive for people in authority not to become corrupt, as the higher in authority you went the more likely it would be that the punishment for corruption would be execution.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 2 – TWOR 092917


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