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The Orthodox Nationalist: Catherine the Great’s War on the Orthodox Church – TON 102517


The Orthodox Nationalist began in 2009 with an analysis of Peter I “the Great.” The First Russian Revolution under this demonic being was the foundation of this broadcast. Peter I and his successors laid the groundwork and it was brought to fulfillment by Catherine II.

The “New Men”were the new ruling class created by Peter's distribution of stolen church lands to his friends – usually foreign. Most were non-Russian, non-Christian and Masonic. Catherine II was the synthesis of this first revolution. The synthesis of Catherine was the oligarchic doctrine: The Charter of the Nobility (1785).

Here, the New Men were given the right to rule Russian peasants like slaves. This was not serfdom and was not related to the earlier serf arrangement. Serfdom was just and righteous under Russian conditions. Petrine slavery was its opposite. It was the Polish form of peasant bondage that itself developed out of the need to quickly pay back urban Jewish creditors.

This led to the massive Rebellion of Pugachev in 1774, Old Russia's last stand for another century. With the old nobility destroyed, the Cossacks neutered, the monasteries without property and the population in fear, the Charter was the last step, the crown jewel in the Masonic Dystopia that became the Russian 18th century.

In this broadcast, we deal with the “Program of Church Secularization” announced by Catherine in 1764 and its resistance, led by St. Arseny of Rostov and Metropolitan St. Paul of Tobolsk in Siberia. Arseny became a new martyr under this first revolution, St. Paul was sent into exile.

By the time of her death in 1796, the church was less than half its former size, most major monasteries destroyed, shrinking or under immense pressure to disband, and bishops had been placed on their thrones by Masonic decree. The 19th century attempt to reverse this – the goal of Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II – were too little too late.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Catherine the Great’s War on the Orthodox Church – TON 102517


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