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Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 3 – TWOR 100617

twor 100617

Sven Longshanks is joined by Dennis Wise to present part 3 of ‘Why the Alt-Right needs National Socialism’ for this week’s episode of Truth Will Out Radio. First a couple of comments are answered on whether it is a good idea to join the army and how National Socialism is compatible with American Nationalism. After that we get back to the National Socialist 25 point program and why this addresses all the problems that the Alt-Right are trying to solve today.

Education, law and the health of the nation are looked at this week, showing that the White world has gone right back to the same problems in these areas that Hitler was able to solve. Free education for the brightest and the best is something we had after the second world war, because it was impossible not to after Germany had shown what an improvement it brought to the nation, but today seventy years later we are back to charging people in order for them to go to university.

The National Socialists wanted an end to Roman law and a return to common law, which today would translate into an end of EU and UN tyranny and a return to the common law of our respective countries. The common law of Britain goes right back to Molmutius in 600BC and was incorporated into Alfred the Great’s laws and the Magna Carta, yet much of it has now been trampled on in favour of turning the law courts into business enterprises profiting from people’s mistakes and misfortune.

Mothers and children were highly valued in Germany, as the Alt-Right wishes to see them once again today. Feminism has done nothing but harm all of us, women, children and men and in order to replenish our race we need the women to become mothers once again. The children of the third reich were taught the importance of the nation and the ethno-state from an early age, alongside the need for all classes. The workers were given clear air laws, limited working weeks and paid holidays, more things that the rest of the world adopted after the war but have now gone back upon.

The important thing about all this is that any Nationalist movement that seeks to achieve an ethno-state will have to address these same problems and will adopt the same solutions. National Socialism is not about worshipping Hitler and certainly not about gassing Jews, it is about carrying forward the principles outlined here and it does not have to be called National Socialism either, but if any organisation is to be successful it will have to carry out the same program, just adapted to fit in with the time and the place.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 3 – TWOR 100617


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