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Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 4 – TWOR 102017

twor 102017

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise co-host the final part of the series on why the Alt-Right needs National Socialism, using the 25 principles that the NSDAP laid out as a guideline for what we should be advocating for today.

The first point covered is the military. Germany at the time had many mercenary groups and only a small army and they were demanding to have one army and with no foreign mercenaries. Today we have one army, but it is full of foreigners whose loyalty will logically be to their people above any loyalty to ours. We already see Moslems refusing to identify the terrorists among them as they are Moslems, which implies they would not aim a gun at them and shoot them if necessary to defend the country. We need a military made up of our own people and we need conscription, so that every citizen knows he may be called upon to defend his country one day.

Next it’s the press. Back then in Germany the newspapers were all owned by Jews and they used their position to change public opinion and turn many Germans into pacifists and communists. We still have subversion from the press going on today, only now we also have the influence of  the tv and movie making industry. If it was not for the media, there is no way that our people would have accepted replacement level immigration or the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism for children. The NSDAP banned any non-German from owning a newspaper and made laws to prevent anything being printed which could harm the German people and we need to be doing the same to protect the nation from accepting harmful ideas.

Point 24 is about Positive Christianity, which is Christianity that works to reject the spirit of materialism. Modern Christianity is degenerate and harmful to our people because it has been infiltrated and corrupted by this spirit of anti-Logos. The NSDAP clearly identified the problem and supported those who were trying to put it right. This is an area where the Alt-Right could do with some improvement.

Finally the reason why a strong authoritarian state is needed is discussed. The National Socialist state was essentially a monarchy, with the Fuhrer having the same powers that the kings of old had over the country. This is needed today to prevent legal challenges such as those preventing Trump’s Moslem ban and delaying Brexit, as well as to put a stop to fake asylum claims and appeals.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Why the Alt-Right Needs National Socialism Part 4 – TWOR 102017


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