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The Orthodox Nationalist: Soviet Ideology, Western Delusion and the ROC in the USSR - TON 112917

This is an icon showing Metropolitan Joseph of Petrograd who was murdered by the Cheka for refusing to recognize the USSR, emerging victorious over Metropolitan Sergius, a bishop who did. Note the Soviet military uniform exposed on his legs and the boots.

This broadcast comes from a chapter in Dr. Johnson's upcoming book: Confronting Deceit: Revisionist Essays on the USSR. This should be available by Christmas at the latest.

Here, the Soviet persecution of the Orthodox church is discussed. However, since everyone knows how horrible this was, there is no need to repeat it. Rather, it is about the nature of the lies and myths the west came up with to avoid the topic.

Patriarch Tikhon, elected in 1918, was said to have written much supporting the "new order." This is easily exposed as forgery.

CAROC was the Soviet body that linked the GPU to the Russian Church and intelligence agencies in the west. They funnelled money and propaganda to leftist journalists in the west distorting the truth of what was going on inside the Soviet Union.

Few realize that the exiles from Russia were forced by most governments in the west to sell their holdings in Russia at pennies on the dollar to the USSR. This left them penniless. So much for "western anti-communism."

The western press and university establishment knowingly lied about Soviet practices. Orthodox churches in the Middle East and North Africa were totally dependent on CAROC money and hence, lied in order to keep their heads above water.

This upcoming book is essential reading for the truth not just about the USSR, but about how the west really responded to it.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Soviet Ideology, Western Delusion and the ROC in the USSR - TON 112917


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