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Truth Will Out Radio: The Fight to Control Africa’s Colonies – TWOR 112417

TWOR 112417

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise co-host Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at the Boer Wars, which are the subject matter of Dennis’ next chapter in his new series, The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two.

Starting with some background on Cecil Rhodes, Dennis show that it was at this time that the plans for a world empire really began to solidify. The British empire already had India, but if it could take control of Africa then it also had the route to India. There was a huge scramble to colonise the 'dark continent' at the turn of the century with countries desperate to obtain portions of it for themselves and this is the reason why Hitler thought it more than reasonable to suggest Germany have part of Russia instead, in exchange for sharing industrial improvements.

The British had already made a treaty with the Boers not to interfere, but once gold and diamonds were found a deal was made with the Dutch to take over and taxes were demanded from the Boers as a pretext to get them to fight back. They did, and the British responded by bringing in foreign troops from all around the world in what should really be named the first world war. It led to changes in warfare that would last for the next century, including the scorched earth policy, concentration camps and camouflaged clothing for soldiers. This reflected a loss in honour and dignity that had always been a part of Aryan warfare up until this point.

The camps were mainly filled with women and children, as out of 28,000 captured soldiers, almost 26,000 were shipped off overseas. The ‘refugees’ in the camps were starved of rations and soon fell ill, leading to an uproar in Britain once this was discovered. Hitler spoke about this as well and did all he could to avoid the same things happening in the German labour camps. They had rations, they had medicines and they even had doctors, but still people today believe the German ones were ‘death camps’.

Many of the people involved in the catastrophes associated with the British Empire expressed remorse after, explaining that they were just trying to do their best for their country when events took a turn for the worst. However there were also people like Cecil Rhodes, Lord Kitchener, Rothschild and the rest who knew full well what they were doing, laying the foundations for the Masonic New World Order that would finally take shape after the second world war and the fall of Christian Europe.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Fight to Control Africa’s Colonies – TWOR 112417


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