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The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexei Khomiakov and Aryan Orthodoxy - TON 122717


Alexei Khomiakov is one of the most influential modern church fathers and he is also one of the most significant writers of the Russian patristic revolution in the 19th century.

His philosophy of history is almost totally unread. There is good reason for this. His schema for world history is the confrontation of the "Kushite," or Afro-Egyptian mentality by the Aryan.

All works on his thought translate "Aryan" as "Iranian," as if he's referring only to the citizens of the state of Iran. This is a deliberate cover-up.

The distinction is one of thought, there are plenty of Kushites in Europe, but this is a perversion of the Aryan ideal. The Kushite is based on necessity and coercion while the Aryan is based on autonomous reason.

The Kushite is based on state power and written law as ends in themselves. They see the gods as "supermen" who can be bribed with good works and sacrifices. They demand action in accordance with strict written laws that are themselves sacred.

The Aryan is based on the organic community unified by love and faith rather than mechanical bureaucracy. Most of humanity follows this model.

Dr. Johnson's opponents such as Fr. John Whiteford want you to believe race is unimportant to the church, but this was clearly untrue for one of the greatest church fathers of the modern world.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexei Khomiakov and Aryan Orthodoxy - TON 122817


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