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The Orthodox Nationalist: General Suharto the Savior of Asia - TON 122017

ton 122017

Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation. Yet, it is a blank spot to even educated Americans. Because of this widespread ignorance, ideologically motivated historians and journalists can say anything and be believed. General Suharto (occasionally rendered Muhammad Soeharto, 1921-2008) ruled this country successfully from 1967 to 1998.  Like so many other military leaders, he was born to a poor family under foreign occupation. His military mettle was proved in the long war against the Dutch occupiers.

Suharto like all anti-Communist leaders worldwide without exception, is accused of massacres and “human rights abuses.” This supposedly led to the deaths of 500,000 “innocent people.”  Suharto inherited a country on the brink of disaster and needed to take very strong measures to save it. He was successful.

In 1965, the Indonesian Communist party (PKI) was the third largest in the world. It’s military wing was directed personally by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and was receiving Chinese weapons freely under former President Sukarno (1901-1970). In September of 1965, the military, much of it loyal to the left, staged a coup in which six army generals were shot. The communists were trying to take power by force. Rather than face the dark future of Stalinism, Suharto engaged in a counter-coup that not only saved the country, but brought it to unparalleled prosperity.

On October 18 of 2017, the world's press screamed that "declassified documents" show that the US was behind the slaughter of "500,000 innocent people."

The problem is that no one bothered to read those cables. The press merely projected their desires onto them and, assuming no one will ever bother to read all 39 documents, simply lied.

Brad Simpson from the George Washington University and John Roosa from the University of British Columbia invented this story. These documents say precisely the opposite of their projected desires.

These men are either incompetent or fraudulent.  Yet again, Johnson's Law is vindicated.

Even more important, so is the reputation of Asia's savior, Suharto and the doctrine of Social Nationalism he followed in bringing his huge country to prosperity.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: General Suharto the Savior of Asia - TON 122017


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