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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Ethno-Monarchist Thought of Ivan Solonevich - TON 011718


Ivan Lukyanovich Solonevich (1891-1953) is a Russian nationalist and royalist social philosopher and part of the exile community in the US and elsewhere.  He was a part of the White Army during the Russian Civil War and later of the anti-communist underground in Ukraine. It is for this that he was arrested and sent to the GULag. A lifelong body-builder, Ivan proved useful to the sport establishment of the USSR, so some of his activities were generally tolerated. He attempted to flee the USSR several times, finally succeeding in 1934. He spent quite a bit of time in Latin America, dying in Uruguay in 1953. 

Solonevich became a bit of a celebrity for his works while in exile. One of his most interesting is his "Myths of Tsar Nicholas II" published in 1949. It was one of the first of its kind, demolishing so much of the Allied propaganda about the Tsardom, Nicholas and Russia in general.  His two most famous works are "The People's Monarchy" (1951) and, certainly the most famous "Russia in a Concentration Camp" (1935).

It was this latter work that helped inspire Alexander Solzhenitsyn to write his own analysis about the GULag system and both men were inmates of the system at one point or another.  For Solonevich, it was his attempts to flee the country that led to his imprisonment for eight years. 

His work on the Concentration Camp details his first year in captivity and this helped to create the genre that would propel Solzhenitsyn to global fame. Finally he did succeed in escaping the GULag but had to travel constantly to avoid the Apostles of Peace and Openness.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Ethno-Monarchist Thought of Ivan Solonevich - TON 011718


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