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Truth Will Out Radio: Hakenkreuz or Swastika? - TWOR 011918

twor 011918

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for Truth Will Out Radio, this week answering comments left on last week’s podcast and elsewhere.

‘Right Wing Catholic Fascists’ was well received and part 10 of the documentary series will be released later today, but there were some questions about just how much support the Vatican gave to the NSDAP. Dennis reminds us that they celebrated Hitler’s birthday every year, as well as helped removed thousands of patriots to the safety of Argentina.

There were also some doubts about how much support there was in Germany for Christianity, with one commenter certain that they tried to write St Paul out of the Bible. This would mean removing half the New Testament and ignoring the second most important character in it. There is no mention of removing St Paul from Christianity in the book ‘Positive Christianity’ written by a priest in the church at the time, as what they were trying to do is remove any Jewish influence from the church, not re-write the holy scriptures.

After that we get to some discussion on the Ustasha and whether or not the Croats were really anti-Jewish. A commenter says they were not very aware of the Jews at the time, but they were definitely anti-Communist and the Communists were Jews. There has also been a suggestion that we call the Swastika by it’s German name of Hakenkreuz, but most people would not then be aware of what was being referred to.

Dennis has been commenting at Pastor Anderson’s channel as well, since he has been saying that Hitler was not a Christian and he has also been refuting suggestions that the Anschluss was a military invasion of Austria.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Hakenkreuz or Swastika? - TWOR 011918


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