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Truth Will Out Radio: Right-Wing Catholic Fascists - TWOR 011218

twor 011218

Dennis Wise has a new episode of The Freemasonic Victory of WW2 almost ready and for this episode, he discusses the preview version with Sven Longshanks.

This episode shows the substantial support the Catholic church gave to the Nationalist governments of Free Europe during and after the war.

Starting with a description of why Hitler chose to use the swastika and how it relates to Christianity, the episode moves into some quotes from Christopher Hitchens who was no friend of National Socialism or Christianity, confirming the Catholic nature of all the Fascist governments. He also points out that Darwin was hated by the Nationalist Socialists, along with Freud and Einstein as being an advocate of Jewish science. Racial hygiene and eugenics was about improving the pedigree of the nation, not changing it from one species into another.

After that we hear a speech from Hitler where he explains that the National Socialists were volunteering to fight for Franco because they knew what would happen to the Christians there, if the Bolsheviks took over. We also learn about a resistance of priests called the Inter-Marion who fought to defend Europe from communism after the first war and later, we hear about priests and monks fighting in the Ustasha with the Archbishop blessing new recruits to the Waffen SS with the emblems of the Ustashe on the altar.

Finally we see that the Church continued it’s support for the Nationalists after the war, arranging for 30,000 Ustashe Croats to escape to Argentina on the underground rail road. Pavlic the Nationalist leader who took power when the National Socialists granted Croatia independence had more than one meeting with Pope Pius XII and eventually found sanctuary at the Vatican, while Britain was shipping all the Croats that could be found back to Tito’s communist Yugoslavia to face slaughter.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Right-Wing Catholic Fascists - TWOR 011218


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