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Pelasgian Narrations: The New Bulgarian Female II – PN 022218

pn 022218

In the second part of the Narrations, Pelasgian looks at the next 5 articles in the book.

In the first, which is called "Eternal Values" the author defends her thesis, that there are eternal values that bring civilizations to prosperity and when they are rejected , they bring these same civilisations to extinction. She uses the fall of France in 1940 and the environment there before, in order to illustrate her points.

The second is titled "The New Bulgarian Woman” and we hear of the aspirations of this "new time" as well as the required mentality of the female, for the realization of this new time.

The third called "Two Options" contain a quick review of the differences in views about women and their youth, between France and the leaders in the Axis alliance - Germany, Italy and Japan. Finally we arrive at the core of the issue with the refusal of women to function in their natural role.

After that we will be presented with an article called "The Woman and War" in which she informs us of the tendencies of the modern Bulgarian woman when it comes to her stance on war. Then we will compare that to the woman of the Bulgarian liberation movement.

At the end we have an article squeezed in at the last minute, that deals with the issues of ignorance and negligence on the part of humanity, towards the betterment and proper care of it's own breeds. This final article is called "Unambiguous Position".

Presented by Pelasgian

Pelasgian Narrations: The New Bulgarian Female II – PN 022218


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