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Truth Will Out Radio: Rudolf Hess and Discrimination Against Freemasons - TWOR 020918

twor 020918

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at what happened to Rudolf Hess after he tried to broker a peace treaty with Britain. After that we move to current events and the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons has been in the news, first being exposed for having secret lodges at Westminster and second for claiming Masons are a minority that are being discriminated against.

New pictures of Rudolf Hess while he was in Spandau prison are being sold by one of the warders there, along with a letter from him to his son saying that he went to England for him. Rudolf Hess flew to Britain to try and stop the war, he parachuted out of his plane on a secret mission expecting to meet a Duke that he had been corresponding with, but was instead arrested, drugged and eventually charged with ‘crimes against peace’. He spent 43 years in prison, 16 of them in solitary and was eventually found hanging from a radiator while sitting down. It is quite obvious he was assassinated, but why? What secrets did he have, that Britain was so desperate to keep hidden?

In the process of going through the tragic tale of Rudolf Hess, Sven and Dennis come across letters from various politicians in Britain requesting his release going back to 1957, in a rather obvious attempt to make it look like the Soviets were responsible for his imprisonment, but Spandau prison was under the jurisdiction of all four allies and not just the Soviets. There is also a Scotland Yard report implicating two British agents in the murder, but they were instructed by the British prosecutor not to follow up on it. Such a dishonourable and despicable way to treat to such a great man, surely there will be a special pit in hell prepared for those responsible.

The British public were treated to Freemasons all over the TV this week, as the head of the United Grand Lodge of England went on a PR campaign assuring TV presenters and journalists that the secret society was not really secret or a parallel society that is above the law. Predictably the interviewers just took his word for it and ignored the fact that in the same week four lodges were investigated in Italy where 193 mafia gangsters were members.

Italy has accused the lodges of accepting gangsters so they can then bribe judges and politicians and the Italian parliament now stand accused of being fascists by the Masons, who say they have not faced investigation like this since the time of Mussolini and proposals to force public officials to declare membership are a ‘threat to democracy’.

Could it be that Dennis’ documentary videos exposing Freemasonry are starting to have an effect?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Rudolf Hess and Discrimination Against Freemasons - TWOR 020918


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