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The Daily Nationalist: England and Saint George – DN 042318

dn 042318

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast dedicated to the Patron Saint of England, beginning with the history of how Saint George came to be fighting in the Roman army and why he was a Tribune.

The channel between Ireland and England is named after him as he sailed through that on his way to York to meet with the British King Constantine before he became emperor. His red and white cross can be seen as the heraldry over the gate of York because of this.

After hearing of the persecution of Christians thanks to Galerius, he returned to appeal to Diocletian but was unable to succeed and despite being heavily tortured and offered bribes, he refused to recant his faith and was beheaded.

Shortly after this the emperor died and his friend Constantine was crowned king in Britain before marching on Rome to claim the title of emperor. To honour his partner in arms Constantine the Great made him the model saint for the youth of Christendom and built twenty one churches in his name, including ones over his remains and at his place of execution. He also built one in Britain dedicated to the British martyr Saint Amphibilus and left his sword laid up in the cathedral there.

As well as the life of the man, there are also mythic aspects to St George that were added to the story such as the dragon. The dragon morphed over the years to become a turkman and the virgin that the dragon would eat,  became a White woman kidnapped by Moslems to be turned into a sex slave. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: England and Saint George – DN 042318


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