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The Orthodox Nationalist: America on Drugs and the War in Afghanistan – TON 041118

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Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks about American adventures in Afghanistan for this week’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist.

The war in Afghanistan has been lost. There were no clear goals, no competent leadership and absolutely no understanding of the country. The US is an imperial power seeking to control the mineral wealth, drugs and potential oil pipelines through the country. On the other hand, the Taliban are quite popular and were the only force that was able to bring order to the country in decades. The US made sure that did not happen and flooded its own country with drugs in the process.

Worse, politicians and active duty soldiers give a stale litany of excuses for their loss. Pakistan is blamed for supporting the Taliban. The military, on the other hand, did not blame the USSR for its loss in Vietnam. Then, “rules of engagement” are blamed. The truth is, for almost 20 years, the “most powerful military force in the world” again lost to a loosely organized group of militants. Since when do military men make excuses for things? There is no excuse for this. The US is not a military superpower. It's a paper tiger.

Still, the US military is worshiped in American society. Thirty years go, the opposite was true. What changed? Only the enemy. Once nationalism became the target and liberalism the attempted result, suddenly “the troops” became “heroes.” Most of American still lives in a “Cold War” world where people think the military is fundamentally a conservative institution. It is anything but.

Dr Johnson's book on American failures in the Islamic World can be bought here.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: America on Drugs and the War in Afghanistan – TON 041118


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