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The Orthodox Nationalist: St. Maxim the Greek and the Italian Renaissance in Russia – TON 042518

ton 042518

St. Maxim the Greek (d 1556) is a figure the western academics cannot fathom. He's an Athonite saint, friend of Savonarola, a man who studied in the heart of the Medici clan's Renaissance of the 16th century. Seeing the Renaissance for what it was – the rebirth of oligarchy and magic – he remained true to the Orthodox church and was a vehement critic of the Medici rule over Italy.

“Science” then was magic, alchemy and astrology, not empirical analysis and this would soon enter into Russia as the “Judaizing” heresy from the big cities of the Hanseatic League. The Renaissance isn't Italian. It was created and maintained by the Medici banking clan.

The Renaissance attacked Russia in the form of the attack on monasteries. It's not the mythic possessor-non-possessor controversy, but rather the attack of the oligarchic clans on the monasteries and the crown, the two forces that created the network of rule in Muscovite Russia. The “Renaissance” would be the first step in enshrining the Kabbalah as identical to “western science.”
Thus, St. Maxim's philosophy was dedicated to seeking the real, the truth of being, rather than the projections of self interest. Its the very purpose of our lives.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: St. Maxim the Greek and the Italian Renaissance in Russia – TON 042518


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