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Truth Will Out Radio: Adolf Hitler’s Birthday – TWOR 042018


For today’s episode of Truth Will Out Radio Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to honour the Fuhrer’s birthday by discussing all the great things he did for us.

He removed Freemasonry, he removed foreigners from power, he gave animals rights, he prevented children from being born deformed and he improved the general racial hygiene of Germany by a variety of methods including by giving good pre-natal care.

He showed that a system without usury can work while also improving living conditions and infrastructure. He made men into men and women into women while also encouraging respect for traditions and pride in European heritage.

He taught us the value of struggle and liberated most of Europe from Bolshevism if only for a while. Because of the war Germany became self-sufficient in the production of steel, aluminium, chemicals, petroleum and general industrial production.

He banned war profiteering, pornography, homosexuality and general degeneracy and completely reformed the role of the movie-making industry. He began the process of removing Jewish influence from the Church and brought Catholic and Protestant together for the good of the nation.

He encouraged marriage with rewards and ensured every German was housed and had a job, working in an environment that was guaranteed to have clean air and a good wage, with the best worker’s rights in the world.

He also increased welfare for the old and disabled and tried to teach lazy people the value of work.

He reformed the education system and the young grew up to be a part of the noblest army the modern world has ever seen, including the new SS aristocracy built upon excellence and not financial income.

Just doing one of these would have earned him his place as a hero of the White race, let alone achieving all of them and more.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Adolf Hitler’s Birthday – TWOR 042018


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