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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 01 – AAI 050818

AAI 050818

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich joins Radio Aryan to host our weekly Nationalist music podcast with a mix of old and new tunes to inspire you into action.

Before the word ‘reich’ became associated with Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, it was a word that was in common usage even appearing in Bibles when referring to the rule of Christ after the day of judgement, the eternal reich. Until that day comes and we discover whether there will be fashwave in the after life, we can at least console ourselves with a little taste of auditory perfection right now on earth with the Audio Insurgency series.

May your ears be tickled and your toes start tapping for the first Audio Insurgency from Eternal Reich.

Eternal Reich can be found on Youtube
Xurious can be found on Youtube
Elessar can be found on Youtube
Eternal Reich - Awaken
Xurious - Convergence of Catastrophes (NEW)
Blackout - Poisoned Minds
Whitelaw - Britannia
Elessar – Doze (NEW)
Moonman - White Plight
Boss Hog - 1488
Anoxide - Omniscient
Whitelaw - Faces Changing
Skrewdriver - Patriot
Blackout – White Man Awake
Cybernazi - Galactic Lebensraum
Xurious - Death to Traitors
Seventh Son - Right Wing Death Squads
Eternal Reich - Hotel Home
Presented by Eternal Reich

Aryan Insurgency 01 – AAI 050818


The Audio Insurgency will be back on Radio Albion next Thursday at 2.30pm EDT/ 7.30pm GMT.
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Artwork by Gideon

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