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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 02 – ER 051518

er 051518

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich returns for his second Audio Insurgency packed full of the best Nationalist music around.

This week we have new fashwave from Elessar and Xurious, new viking metal by Hannes and the epic Ukrainian band Sokya Peruna, plus a debut track by new speedcore band Slaughterstorm. 

For less extreme ears we have neo-folk from Rahowa and trad folk from Paddy Tarleton and Byron de la Vandal, two tracks from their new album which disappeared from bandcamp after being on there for less than a week, due to Byron getting doxed. We hope he is doing ok and does not let this stop him from making more of his amazingly catchy folk tunes.

Pro-White rap fans get some classic Mr Bond alongside some classic fashwave from our host himself and we have some new tunes from Boss Hog waiting in next week’s crate of vinyl, for those secret rap aficionados among us.

Finally there’s another track from popular speedcore death metal band Anoxide, personal friends of Eternal Reich and one from death metal neo-pagan band Wotanordern.

Xurious can be found on Youtube
Elessar can be found on Youtube
Slaughterstorm can be found on Youtube
Sokya Peruna can be found on Youtube
Hannes can be found on Youtube
Xurious - Man Made (NEW)
Elessar - The Decline (NEW)
Eternal Reich - Golden Dawn
Mr. Bond - Fascist
Slaughterstorm - Commie Slaughter (NEW)
Anoxide - Erased Illusion
Wotanordern - Oracle of the Oak
Sokyra Peruna - Thunder Riders (NEW)
Sokyra Peruna - No Bounds (NEW)
Hannes – Durchschaut (NEW)
Rahowa - Away
Paddy Tarleton and Byron De La Vandal - Never forget (What They’ve Taken From You)
Paddy Tarleton and Byron De La Vandal - We Shall Overcome
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 02 – ER 051518

Download  (01:04:09)

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