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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 03 – ER 052218

er 052218

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Loads of new fashwave this week in Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency, new releases, remixes and exclusives, starting with a cheery bounce-a-thon from Vanguard, before new ones from Elessar and Ghost Producer Division alongside two re-mixes, one by Boss Hog with NSM Soldier and one by the aforementioned Elessar, with a reinvigorated version of Dawn of a New Age.

Our host has been busy himself recently laying down some guest guitar work for a reimagining of Hell March with Wolf 212 and we get two tracks from him before taking a step back in time for some electro-pop with TourdeForce, featuring possibly the last genuine Bishop left in the world, his Excellency Bishop Williams.

Moving into the RAC section we have a melodic new offering from Brad the singer of Welsh band Blackout, as well as one from German band Oidoxie’s new album before it’s time to check out the blistering new single from London band Anoxide.

Rounding this week’s Audio Insurgency off and winding things back down again we have a couple of classic solo tunes from Byron and Paddy before finishing with Eternal Reich’s Sacred 14 featuring fellow Brit Millennial Woes.

Eternal Reich, Wolf 212, Elessar, Anoxide and Brad can be found on Youtube
Ghost Producer Division, Boss Hog and Vanguard can be found on Soundcloud
00.00 - Vanguard – Utopia - NEW
04.29 - Wolf 212 - Hell March - NEW
10.10 - Wolf 212 - A Call for Barbarism
14.50 - Elessar - Dawn of a New Age (v2) - NEW
19.15 - Elessar - Tomorrow - NEW
23.47 - Elessar - In the Light We Are One - NEW
28.02 - Ghost Producer Division - When Reasonable Men Do Unreasonable Things - NEW
31.45 - Tourdeforce - Did Six Million Really Die
35.15 - Boss Hog - NSM soldier - NEW
38.55 - Brad - A Swarm - NEW
41.30 - Oidoxie - Don’t Back Off
45.50 - Anoxide - The Immorality of Faith - NEW
52.25 - Byron de la Vandal - You Know I’m Right
55.23 - Paddy Tarleton - The Rats Ain’t Hiding in the Walls No More
58.40 - Eternal Reich - The Sacred 14 ft Millennial Woes.
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 03 – ER 052218

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