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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 06 – ER 061318

er 061318

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich is back with a crate full of blistering hot tunes to set your world on fire.

First up is an onslaught of fashwave featuring new tunes from himself, Elessar, Xurious and new kid on the block Mighty Saxon. 

Every one of these artists sounds at the top of their game, Elessar moves away from his white power wurlitzer into a darker, heavier groove, Mighty Saxon goes for some atmospheric church organ with laid back beats and Xurious sounds like he has the singer from the band Rome on there with him.

After that we take a trip back to 2016 and the height of the Black Lives Matter madness in the company of Stereo Balilla. This artist had quite a lot of promise, but like so many, appears to have just disappeared.

White Hot Takes arose to replace Right Wing Death Squads as the premier meme music masters in 2017 and we have one of their finest up next, before moving into the ultra-heavy guitar sounds of Whitelaw and an ode to Unity Valyrie Mitford.

Italian mentalists Bronson follow Whitelaw with a new tune, before we tone down the guitars for an acoustic version of a classic track by Final War.

Hvit Ulv are a Russian death metal band who also use keyboards, they have a new EP out featuring four bands in all and we hear from them next, before a special live version of (((Survivors))) by Alison Chabloz recorded at the London Forum. It was this particular version that saw her fall foul of the organised Jewish lobby in Britain and she is being sentenced for making jokes about them in London tomorrow.

Eternal Reich, Elessar, Mighty Saxon, Bronson, Hvit Ulv and Xurious can all be found on Youtube

00:00 - Eternal Reich - For the Sake of this People - NEW
05.26 - Elessar – Better You Than Them - NEW
10.44 - Elessar - Blood of the Heroes - NEW
15.32 - Mighty Saxon - Cult of Guilt - NEW
21.20 - Xurious - We Have Dreamed the Same Dream - NEW
25.44 - Stereo Balilla - Initial Dindu
30.10 - White Hot Takes - Borders Closed
33.16 - Whitelaw - Unity Valkerie Mitford
37.18 - Bronson - Repetta La Bandiera - NEW
40.22 - Final War - We Speak The Truth (Acoustic)
43.24 - Hvit Ulv - To the Tops of the Mountain Ridges - NEW
54.24 - Alison Chabloz - (((Survivors)))

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 06 – ER 061318

Download  (01:00:47)

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