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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 07 – ER 062018

er 062018

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Something for everyone on this week’s Audio Insurgency from Eternal Reich and with a bit of of a crusading theme too, beginning with two new fashwave tracks from two new discoveries, L0ki and Kangz of Blitz. Some nice guitar on L0ki’s slice of the action over the top of some rather tasty trance, while Kangz of Blitz go for a high energy nazi disco beat with spoken word accompaniment about how to become a man of action.

After that we have some White Power rap from Mr Bond, who released his fourth new mixtape last week ‘A Nazi Goes to Afrika’ which features all of his most recent tunes, some of which you have heard here.

Following that we have some melodic rock from Bryn Dolman closely followed by a classic from top Aussie band Fortress, our second track about fighting the Islamic hordes this week.

Recently it seems that Britain has been producing the fashwave and Germany the RAC, so it makes a nice change to hear some new RAC from British band ‘No Quarter’ singing about what they would like to do to Moslem taxi drivers who groom and rape young White girls.

Three tracks from three new albums follow, two from Germany and one from Austria and then we have one from a big favourite among the Bulgarians, Brannik.

The Bully Boys are up next, with a track from their 2007 album ‘Hard Times, Hard Measures’ and then we have a rather epic neo-classical-industrial piece from Ad Astra Aspera.

Finally we have some new folk metal from Slovakia sent in by HateStylez to finish with.

L0ki, No Quarter, Sturmrebellen und Kameraden, Terrorsphära, Blutlinie and Parom can be found on Youtube.
Kangz of Blitz can be found on Soundcloud
Mr Bond can be found on Minds.
00.00 - L0ki x RetroRebel - Defenders of Vienna - NEW
06.18 - Kangz of Blitz - Strike a Tear - NEW
10.48 - Mr. Bond - Pop Some Fags - NEW
14.52 - Bryn Dolman - Sins of the World Wars 
19.26 - Fortress - For Faith and For Folk 
23.14 - No Quarter - Taxi Driver - NEW
26.18 - Sturmrebellen und Kameraden - Gern Soldat - NEW
29.43 - Terrorsphära - Lebende Kreuze - NEW
33.14 - Before God - Bountiful Life
37.37 - Blutlinie - Auf Each Walhall - NEW
44.10 - Brannik - бяла мощ (White Power) 
45.44 - The Bully Boys - Dead Man Walking 
49.58 - Ad Astra Per Aspera - Is vis pace para bellum 
54.34 - Parom - More Ho! - NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 07 – ER 062018

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