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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 08 – ER 062718

er 062818

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Elessar has a new EP out and the title track has pride of place in this week’s podcast, lots of ethereal synths over a grungy bass line make this probably his best track yet, swiftly followed by some Xurious nazi disco beat with Elessar taking a break from the keyboards to give his guitar a workout.

Next we Move from the Vangelis inspired ‘Camp of the Saints’ into the fast tempo but slow building triumphant closing tune from TourDeForce’s most recent album, which sounds like it would make an excellent final tune in a club setting.

An unreleased vaporwave track follows written by Eternal Reich that leads nicely into an exclusive new tune from Wolf212, with a crunchy guitar sound and vocals that are reminiscent of Placebo.

The heavier sounds are up next, beginning with Russian band Verv who have really made quite a stir for a limited edition EP release, this is exactly how death metal should sound you just can’t help nodding your head when your hear it.

We play ‘name that tune’ after that with True Aggression before checking out what British RAC has to offer with No Quarter singing about the stereotypical ‘try-hard’ and Brad paying tribute to a fallen comrade with the ballad ‘One’, which has some amazing guitar work in it.

Topi Neri follow with some really catchy Italian trad-folk about a steam train and we finish with Seventh Son’s Right Wing Death Squads.

Elessar, Xurious, Wolf212 and Eternal Reich can be found on Youtube

00:00 Elessar - Men Among the Ruins - NEW
05.28 Xurious & Elessar - Path to Power - NEW
10.30 Xurious - Camp of the Saints
17.38 Tour de Force - Once We Were Kids
24.16 Eternal Reich - Do Androids Die? – EXCLUSIVE
27.28 Wolf 212 - Tides of Fate – EXCLUSIVE
33.52 Verv - Existence
38.38 True Aggression - Der Morgige
40.42 No Quarter - Try Hard
43.22 Brad - One
50.56 Topi Neri - Treni A Vapore
57.24 Seventh Son - Right Wing Death Squads 

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 08 – ER 062718

Download  (01:03:23)

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