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Pelasgian Narrations: The New Bulgarian Female III – PN 061218

pn 061218

In part 3 of the series, we are presented with 3 articles which are mainly historical reports from the time and in the first two articles, the author informs us how Italy and Germany are looking at the female and her role in society.

In the first she does this by explaining the function and vision behind Fascist Italy’s organization "Motherhood and Childhood". This gives us a good example of why there should be a government organization exclusively dedicated towards the child and his mother, not leaving care for the youngest members of the state to some random initiatives or uncoordinated charities.

In the second she turns her view to Germany, informing the Bulgarian reader about how Germany is treating her female citizens and what it was that motivated this care. Last but not least, we are shown that the National Socialist female is not a poor imitation of the woman from before the Great War, but something better and superior.

The third and final article in this section was written in celebration of the end of the Balkan Campaign, which resulted in the manifestation of Bulgarian dream borders. A dream that was in the heart of every Bulgarian under Ottoman slavery and a part of every already liberated Bulgarian. In order to fully understand the importance of this, she compels the Bulgarian reader to first give reverence to all the known and unknown heroes that for the past 70 years were struggling for the achievement of this dream. She then reminds us of the situation in the world at her time and ends with an appeal for the ideals and morals of the future.

The documentaries on the battles of Tutrakan and Doirann are in the youtube links below. Since the international listener will not know Bulgarian, I would advise to first click on the captions icon in youtube (being two "CC" letters) and in settings go to >Subtitles/CC and select English to have English subtitles. I've watched the videos with English subtitles and I think they are accurate.


Presented by Pelasgian

Pelasgian Narrations: The New Bulgarian Female III – PN 061218


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