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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Last Days II – TON 062018

ton 062018

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a follow-up episode to ‘The Last Days’.

Mass apostasy is the new normal. This is the mark of the postmodern age. We're living in the ashes of liberal society. Political action, by itself, is not only incapable of saving anyone, but will bring even a worse evil to power.

We live in the ashes of Protestantism, which is based on the will to power. It is the will of the individual reading what he wants into the “Bible.” Without historical knowledge and radically separate from the context of the writing, how are the ignorant to understand the truth of the Book of Leviticus or Numbers? This is the insanity of our age. This is the enshrining of the ego as god.  

Many of the ancient and early medieval fathers spoke of transgenderism and pornography, but they didn't have the means to express perversions so foreign to their own society. They did not have the vocabulary available to discuss the nature of our days, which far exceed the evils of Sodom, Solomon or Peter the Great. Even the Bolsheviks seem virtuous compared to the liberal capitalist. The Reds ruled the body, capital rules the soul.

The end times are the enshrining of evil as good; it is the inversion of all things. Appearance and fantasy is identical to reality. It is mass psychosis made normal because so many are infected. It is mass zombification.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Last Days II – TON 062018


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