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The Orthodox Nationalist: Lev Gumilev and the Theory of Ethnogenesis II – TON 060618

ton 060618

The philosophy of history by Lev Gumilev is concluded with a more specific look at the ethnos, its units and its manifestation in Khazaria.

The notion that the Mongols were Asians from Northern China who, without any functional economy or literacy, created the world's most deadly war machine is nonsensical. Yet, 99 percent of historians fall for it.

TON has a full podcast on this question, except the most basic issue wasn't resolved. Who the heck were the Mongols then? The answer is they were the successors to the Empire of Great Scythia or Tartary. Marco Polo spoke of the massive urbanizing of southern Siberia in his travels. Only such an economy could create what we call the "Mongol empire." The term "Moghul" and the Greek "Megalo" are all titles of awe and respect: the great ones.

Mongols are not today's Mongolians. Not a single Asian skeleton has been unearthed from the "Mongol era" in Russia to date. This analysis of Great Scythia is a very brief and scattered start to understanding this mysterious empire.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Lev Gumilev and the Theory of Ethnogenesis II – TON 060618


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