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Truth Will Out Radio: The All-Seeing Eye – TWOR 061518

twor 061518

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the subject matter of part 14 of ‘The Freemasonic Victors of World War Two’ which will be released soon.

This chapter centres around the All-Seeing Eye on the dollar bill, a symbol associated with the Illuminati but before that had no real occult connection.

It appeared on the dollar bills to coincide with Roosevelt’s New Deal and it was the Masons’ way of telling the world that a self-declared government of traitors had completed their infiltration.

After this the video takes us back to the end of the first war, when almost a million Germans were starved to death after the war had ended. This was kept behind a media blackout.

At the same time in India, massacres were taking place where hundreds of unarmed Indians were shot and killed.

The Masonic world revolution is linked with tremendous suffering and loss of life wherever it is found.

The video also exposes the Shriners, who claim to worship Allah and wear a red fez to remind them of Moslems dipping their hats in the blood of Christians after they massacred them all in the city of Fez.

As well as discussing Part 14, Dennis also answers questions on a range of subjects including Tommy Robinson, George Lincoln Rockwell and Gaddafi.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The All-Seeing Eye – TWOR 061518


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