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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 09 – ER 070418

ER 070418

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Ten new tunes tonight, alongside Irish folk-metal, Nordic ambient and even American Indie music from Too Much Gold, but first we begin with the latest one from Xurious highlighting the new meme ‘People of Light’ before revisiting an earlier track of his ‘The Stranger’, that has been augmented by a suitably menacing piece of spoken word by Rudyard Kipling.

Elessar has remixed an earlier track too ‘For the Love of thy Nation’ which has a much improved drum sound and lots of swirling synths, leading us nicely into a timely Brexit anniversary tribute ‘Nigelwave’ by L0ki and RetroRebel, featuring clips of the man himself celebrating the moment the British and American peoples found their voices.

Bryn Dolman has been working hard on a new album and we have a track from that, as well as a collaborative effort between himself, Vanguard and Xurious that shows a Tears for Fears influence, but spiced up with a modern club sound.  

Kangz of Blitz follow with what appears to be a William Pierce sample, or is it the Murdoch Murdoch version of Pierce? It has to be the first time William Luther was heard over a disco beat anyway.

Too Much Gold have a Soundcloud page full of really melodic pop songs that are well worth checking out and he is up next, with Ghost Producer Division after with another well crafted pop tune that starts almost like Van Halen’s ‘Jump’, before moving into a funky bassline with sax licks.

Modernicide haven’t produced anything for a while but judging by the dark and atmospheric synth sounds of ‘(((It))) Came From Israel’ they definitely should. Straight after that we have a new one from Mr Bond that’s dedicated to the Nordic Resistance Movement and is a bit of a departure from his usual R & B inspired rap parodies.

Moving into the heavier sounds this week we start with British band No Quarter and their thoughts on the ‘Try Hard’ that everyone knows, before sailing over to Ireland for some talented folk-metal from Cruachan and Celtachor. Noise of Hate follow the pipes and bodhrans with thunderous kick drums and chainsaw guitars for ‘Good Night Left Side’ and then it’s off to Sweden for an offering from Lilou and John’s new album, dealing with an all too common problem in White countries, the ‘refugee’ rapist and predictable media cover-up.

Winding up the podcast we have some really beautiful ambient sounds and acoustic guitar from Norway’s Fedrespor. The whole album ‘Tid’ is incredibly moving and highly recommended if you want to relax.

Xurious, Elessar, L0ki, Lilou and John and No Quarter can be found on Youtube
Vanguard, Bryn Dolman, Kangz of Blitz and Ghost Producer Division can be found on Soundcloud
Mr Bond is at Minds.com

00:32 Xurious - People of Light  - NEW
05.15 Xurious - The Stranger – NEW VERSION
09.20 Elessar - For the Love of Thy Nation – NEW VERSION
14.20 L0ki x RetroRebel x Err0r - Nigelwave - NEW
19.10 Vanguard, Xurious, Bryn Dolman - Rise Together - NEW
22.50 Bryn Doleman – The Occult - NEW
25.34 Kangz of Blitz - Cosmopolitan Goulash
29.10 Too Much Gold - You Stopped me
31.26 Ghost Producer Division - Ethnomall - NEW
34.39 Modernicide - (((it))) Came From Israel
37.35 Mr Bond - Youth of the Nation - NEW
41.44 No Quarter - Try Hard - NEW
44.20 Cruachan - Back Home in Derry
47.20 Celtachor - King of Tara
51.50 Noise of Hate - Good Night Left SIde
56.34 Lilou & John - Dead Girl Walking – NEW
59.27 Fedrespor - Evighetens Vidder

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 09 – ER 070418

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