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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 10 – ER 071118

er 071118

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

We have new tunes, new versions of old tunes and an exclusive for you tonight on the Audio Insurgency, alongside a few Patriot classics of course.

French band We Are Magonia kick things off with their speaker shaking ‘Anthem for the Apocalypse’, followed by familiar face Elessar who has a new improved version of his track ‘Unite’.

Xurious is up next with another of his that features Elessar’s guitar work. This year seems to be a year for collaborations, with fashwave musicians setting a good example by getting together to feature on each other’s tracks.

The second of our offerings from France follows with Tommy ‘86 and ‘Freedom to Obey’, which appears to be part of a Kraftwerk influenced concept album built around a communist dystopia.

Kangz of Blitz round off this week’s synth section with some quirky beats and a different time signature, that changes course half way through to take a sledgehammer to the holohoax.

Accordions, guitars, keyboards, bagpipes, this next track has the lot, along with a nu-folk vocal line that is catchy as hell, Gotteshorn are a folk band from Hamelin, Germany that have released two albums in the last three months.

People Haters have re-issued and re-mastered their ‘Bling Bling’ album to show the young ‘uns how it’s done and their ‘Swasti Ska’ is up next, before mTORR ram their Viking long ship onto the beach to let the ‘Northmen’ out to rape and plunder, with the help of Barsarkarna.

Spanish band Iberian Wolves have got those twin guitars sounding perfect for chasing the third world invaders out of Spain with next track ‘Sacrificio’, followed by Nordvolk’s operatic sounding ‘Familie des Todes’, before we move into the trad-folk Cranberries sound of Topi Neri and their ode to the family.

Classic acoustic sing-a-long ‘The Nationalist’ is our penultimate track for tonight, before we finish with an exclusive new tune from our host Eternal Reich, featuring laid back beats, a tinkling piano and a bit of a Coldcut feel to it.

Elessar, Xurious, Iberian Wolves, Nordvolk and Eternal Reich can be found on Youtube
Tommy ‘86, We Are Magonia and Kangz of Blitz can be found on Soundcloud
People Haters can be found at 88.nsm.com
00.00 We Are Magonia - Anthem for the Apocalypse - NEW
05.14 Elessar - Unite – NEW VERSION
09.16 Xurious and Elessar - The Hero With A Thousand Faces – NEW VERSION
17.16 Tommy ’86 - Freedom to Obey - NEW
21.44 Kangz of Blitz – Vorschlaghammer - NEW
26.42 Gotteshorn - Durch der Liebe Hand
31.02 People Haters – Swasti Ska – NEW VERSION
32.16 mTORR - Northman
37.58 Bärsärkarna - Rape and Plunder
41.22 Iberian Wolves - Sacrificio - NEW
45.40 Nordvolk - Familie des Todes - NEW
50.46 Topi Neri - Famiglia
55.40 Final War - The Nationalist
59.36 Eternal Reich - I Can’t Lose You - NEW EXCLUSIVE
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 10 – ER 071118

Download  (01:03:43)

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