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The Orthodox Nationalist: The 100 Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Tsar and His Family – TON 071118

ton 071118

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson commemorates the 100 Year anniversary of the martyrdom of Tsar St. Nicholas and his family (July 17 1918)

This is a very special broadcast from Radio Aryan since it deals with the central event of the 20th century and our own era: the murder of Tsar Nicholas II by a group of revolutionary Jews in 1918.

This was the end of the Old Order and the rise of liberalism and Marxism. The Fascist rear-guard attempt to restore a militant version of the old order failed. Today in the west, nationalist politics is de facto banned. Even the criticism of the Jews is illegal in most of Europe.

In many other places has Dr. Johnson spoken of the economic and political success of the tsar, so it will not be covered here. Rather, the context and the symbolic arcana of the act will be the focus.
Rasputin was not an evil man and had no power over the court. Tsar Nicholas was a very competent military commander. Germany was defeating England by 1917. Monarchy was far more committed to social justice than democracy or republicanism. A "free press" just made it possible for Jewish "editors" to slander the royal family. All these facts go against the shibboleths of the age.

Everything the American intellectual thinks they know about Russia and the revolution is wrong. Mostly, it is propaganda taken from the Jewish press and the British government. Today, we live in the "Iron Age" as the rule of the Titans comes crashing down around us.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The 100 Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Tsar and His Family – TON 071118


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