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Truth Will Out Radio: Communism, Fascism and National Socialism – TWOR 072018

twor 072018

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to identify and discuss the differences between these three different political ideologies.

Communism is internationalist and sees people as economic units that are interchangeable, so a population from one area can be moved to another, like Russians to Latvia and an individual electrician can be told that he must now be a carpenter, something which actually happened in Communist countries. Both these examples can be seen happening in Europe today, the third world is being imported into our countries and a politician who is responsible for the health service today, can be made responsible for prisons tomorrow.

Communism thought that if we just got rid of all societal restraints, we would go back to living in paradise, where nobody would have to work and we could share everything in common. This translated into everybody losing all their wealth and it being taken by the gangsters at the top. In order to make the dream of everyone being equal come true, all the intelligent people and all the farmers who owned land were killed off or sent to the gulag. Our governments still have this same ideal today, they just use different techniques to force everyone to be equal, such as affirmative action. We are living under Communism, not Fascism.

Fascism was based upon people uniting under the banner of being Italian, however what constituted Italian was not shared blood, but shared loyalty to Italy. The Fascists were not racial, however they did apply Nationalist ideas for the common good, such as guilds where managers and employees worked together rather than worked against each other. This idea of all working together for the common good is a Christian idea and Corporatism was first theorized by the Catholic church.

The idea that shared loyalty could be the basis of a nation is one that was adopted by the post-war governments, but it is not usually credited to fascism. It has not worked, as we see the failures of multiculturalism all around us. It did not work for Mussolini either, who continually failed in his military campaigns and kept having to be bailed out by Hitler.

National Socialism is a form of Fascism, but one that is based upon the nation being a group of people with shared blood. This is in keeping with natural law and tradition, as the word ‘Nationalist’ is derived from ‘natal’ meaning birth, who you are born to, not where you are born. The word ‘Patriot’ is the same, it comes from the word ‘Pater’ which means father. A member of the nation was eligible to become a member of the state, whose goal was to serve the nation. The state was the vessel which carried the nation, protecting it from the storm and keeping it safe, while being guided by those most suited and capable to be captain.

National Socialism encouraged the improvement of the individual and the nation. Where Communism killed all the intelligentsia, National Socialism gave them the tools they needed to become the best they could possibly be. The race itself was also uplifted, through eugenics, sterilisation and marriage laws. One of the key slogans of the NSDAP was ‘public need, before private greed’, which translated into public ownership of utilities, but private ownership of the means of production. Because of this, innovation was rewarded, but those that needed help also got the help that was required.

What we are living under today is not Fascism, it is closest to Communism, complete with prosecution for speaking out in opposition to it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Communism, Fascism and National Socialism – TWOR 072018


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