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Truth Will Out Radio: Stalin’s Rebellion - TWOR 071318

twor 071318

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss Part 15 of the Freemasonic Victors of World War Two, which looks at Stalin and why he suddenly rebelled against Churchill and the bankers after the war.

He purged the Soviet leadership in what was presented to the west as anti-Semitic purges, when what it really was is a power struggle. Because there were so many Jews at the top levels of the Soviet, the people who were liquidated were Jews, but this was not the reason for their deaths. Stalin was married to a Jew, he had Jewish children and spoke Yiddish, he was not anti-Semitic. He may have seen something that unsettled him though, in the documents he found that the German army had removed from the Lodges. Some of what was in the documents was recorded by the KGB, but much was not.

Stalin was working for the bankers right from the start, they knew he was going to go into Poland alongside Hitler and this is why nothing was done about it. They also knew he was preparing a massive army to invade Europe, but they though Germany and Russia would  cancel each other out. If they didn’t, then whatever Stalin managed to take during the war would end up belonging to the banks anyway. But he rebelled against their orders and became a genuine dictator instead of a puppet.

Could this be the reason why Churchill fell out of favour after the war, because his boy had gone rogue?

Stalin was poisoned shortly after the purges began and according to the KGB archives, MI6 were involved in this. By a strange co-incidence, straight after he was killed, Churchill then fell back in favour again, was awarded with titles and became Prime Minister for the second time.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Stalin’s Rebellion - TWOR 071318


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