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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 15 – ER 081518

ER 081518

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

This week’s audio insurgency begins with a harmonious blend of guitars and synths courtesy of Xurious and Elessar leading into an ambient cover version of a Burzum track by Wolf 212.

Wolfsschanze is up next drawing attention to the de-platforming of Alex Jones before we get to hear the original version of his new tune ‘Triumph of the Will’.

We don’t normally feature music by non-Nationalists but this next one was just too good not to use, Introspect’s cover version of ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’.

Bryn Dolman has changed his name to ‘The Decency’ and his track ‘Brexit’ has to be one of the best tunes of 2018 so far, it will have you singing it for days afterwards.

Van Wolfen are representing the White power rap scene this week, with a track against paedophilia and Gotteshorn get us warmed up with some guitars in preparation for the mental metal section which follows.

Legion Wroclaw are up first mixing sport with hatecore to get you motivated, followed by what sounds like a cross between Slayer and a hammer horror movie soundtrack, if only all black metal was as well written and produced as this. Panzertaucher finish the section off with some incredibly dirty and hypnotic power riffing to get you slamming round the room.

Time to lighten things up again with Kiwi and the Dog Boys’ barber shop beach boys harmonies from Sweden of all places, swiftly followed by White Man’s Burden who is sick of being expected to be a saint instead of strong man.

The Mommas and the Pepes finish things the week’s proceedings with their protest song ‘Tax Farm’

Xurious, Elessar and Wolf 212 can be found on Youtube
Wolfsschanze, The Decency, Introspect and White Man’s Burden are at Soundcloud
Van Wolfen, Gotteshorn, Legion Twierdzy Wroclaw, Regnat Horrendum, Panzertaucher and Kiwi and the Dogboys are all at 88.nsm

00.00 Xurious and Elessar - The Last Stand -NEW
07.24 Wolf 212 - Burzum - Strange world - NEW
11.46 Wolfsschanze - Alex Jones - NEW
15.34 Wolfsschanze - Triumph of the Will - NEW
18.30 Introspect - For Whom The Bell Tolls - NEW
24.06 The Decency – Brexit - NEW
29.42 Van Wolfen - Kindermorderland - NEW
33.22 Gotteshorn - Die Letzte Fahrt - NEW
37.14 Legion Twierdzy Wroclaw - Sport - Hatecore - Motivation - NEW
41.58 Regnat Horrendum - The Ferocious Storm Over the Mist of Madness - NEW
47.20 Panzertaucher - Lugen Strafen - NEW
51.10  Kiwi and the Dogboys - Dignity - NEW
54.22 White Man’s Burden - Strong White Man - NEW
57.49 The Mommas and the Pepes - Tax Farm

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 15 – ER 081518

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