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Truth Will Out Radio: The Desecration of Franco’s Resting Place – TWOR 082418

twor 082418

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for comments and questions about his last video and a discussion on the news that General Franco is to be exhumed by the communist government of Spain.

The Spanish government has not been in power long and it only won a small minority of votes, yet it thinks it has to the right to desecrate the grave of General Franco, who defeated the communists and ruled the country for more than 30 years. He was embalmed and placed under a huge 500 foot tall cross than can be seen for miles, on top of the mausoleum and basilica that he built to honour the dead on both sides of the war. With typical hypocrisy the government will be removing his body, when the whole point of the memorial was that it honoured the Spanish war dead, regardless of their political orientation. This really shows how decent Franco was and what back-stabbing traitors the modern Spanish government is.

Questions and comments addressed this week include whether Martin Luther was really serving the Jews, when he wrote ‘On The Jews and Their Lies’, why Mary is honoured by the Catholic church, why Sunday is now the day of worship instead of Saturday and what Dennis’ views on the Jesuits are. Constantine the Great is also discussed, as there seems to be a concerted effort to smear his good name recently.

The live version of this podcast failed to record, so this was the second attempt and is slightly different to the one on the live stream.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Desecration of Franco’s Resting Place – TWOR 082418


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